With more than three decades of experience as an investor and observer of the stock markets, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge to the financial arena. He pursued his education at the Toronto French School and York University, focusing on Economics. With expertise extending beyond investing, Jeff has lectured and mentored at prestigious institutions such as Venture Lab at Stanford University, IESE Business School, ESADE Business & Law School, and Barcelona College of Chiropractic’s (UPF). His involvement spans successful ventures across diverse sectors including Biotechnology, High-Technology, and Artificial Intelligence, reflecting his versatile and accomplished career.

VICTOR LANGE - Chief Executive Officer

Victor, a former professional athlete who competed on the PGA Tour and various international circuits, combined his sports career with academic pursuits in finance at Louisiana Tech University. With a track record of success in Technology startups and a multifaceted background encompassing sports, fitness, and business, he presently spearheads the introduction of M2Bio Sciences’ newest venture, M2MMA.

JADE SIRISOMPAN - Chief Operating Officer

Jade is a former professional muay thai fighter who has spent her life around the martial art. Her father, Grand Master Woody, is a legend of Muay Thai and played a pivotal role in introducing the sport to the West. Jade’s family is deeply involved in Muay Thai, overseeing various aspects of the sport. They run a network of Muay Thai operations, including sanctioning fights and organizing fight promotions under the World Muay Thai Organization. Muay Thai and Muay Boran teacher and student certification programs through the Kru Muay Thai Association, and own a Muay Thai camp in Thailand named Luktupfah Muay Thai School.Jade holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology from Assumption University in Thailand.

CHRIS CANNON - General Manager

Chris, another former professional athlete whose illustrious career spans 30 countries across five continents. He has showcased his exceptional talent in some of the world’s most prestigious professional golf tours. With an extensive background in global sports entertainment, Chris brings a rich reservoir of knowledge and experience in athlete management, media relations, and promotion. His expertise not only highlights his sports prowess but also underscores his acumen in the multifaceted world of international sports business.