On June 12, 2024, the second edition of M2MMA exceeded all expectations, selling out Sinbi Boxing Stadium in Phuket, Thailand, despite being held on a weekday and during the low season. Attracting up to 500 attendees, the event was a resounding success both in the stadium and online.

The night featured five Muay Thai bouts and three MMA bouts, all delivering nonstop action to the thrilled audience and online viewers.

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The event was graced by numerous special guests, including:

  • Grand Master Woody, World Muay Thai Organisation (WMO) President
  • Sagat Petchyindee, legendary fighter and inspiration for a Street Fighter character
  • Saeksan Or. Kwanmuang, One Championship fighter and champion
  • Fabricio Andrade is currently the ONE Championship Bantamweight MMA Champion.
  • Allycia Rodrigues, current ONE Championship fighter Atomweight Muay Thai Champion
  • Brendan Loughane, 2022 PFL Featherweight Champion
  • UFC TUF current season star Robert Valentin  
  • Sam A, Wondergirl, and Supergirl, renowned ONE Championship fighters and Thai champions
  • UFC trainers and Hollywood star Kevin Hart’s boxing coach ‘Hollywood Hino’

Bout 1: Quitin Thomas vs. Alimov Beknur: Thomas started strong with two heavy strikes, leaving Alimov stumbling. Despite this, Alimov showcased incredible resilience, turning the tide with a heel hook to finish the fight within minutes.

Bout 2: Valeri Gusarov vs. Uelson De Jesus: Gusarov stepped in on just a day's notice and made a significant impact. He executed a perfectly timed double leg takedown within the first minute, leading to a TKO victory through ground and pound in less than 30 seconds.

Bout 3: Husenjon Isomiddinov vs. Timur Gilimzyanov: Timur displayed his striking prowess, securing another early finish and marking himself as a rising star with back-to-back TKO wins.

Bout 4: Michael Baranov vs. Akhmed Ashurbekov: Baranov, at just 21, showcased his potential, dominating the first two rounds against Ashurbekov. Although Akhmed finished strong, Baranov held on to move to a 9-1 record, continuing his march to the top.

Bout 5: Petchsiam Kietpepe vs. Jose Vieira: Petchsiam secured his 76th victory in a close match against the heavy-hitting Brazilian Vieira. His class and calm decision-making under pressure earned him a narrow win by decision.

Bout 6: Onnisa Sanglang vs. Paloma Arranz: Arranz outclassed Sanglang with superior boxing skills, securing a dominant victory. She is now a formidable M2MMA 53kg Muay Thai Division contender.

Bout 7: Victor Hugo vs. Elysee Kocheise - Fight of the Night: This explosive bout featured heavy exchanges from start to finish, resulting in a majority draw. A rematch is highly anticipated.

Bout 8: Peter Danesoe vs. Joemar Gallaza: Peter "The Asian Viking" ended the night spectacularly. After a beautifully timed left hook against Gallaza’s spinning backkick, Peter secured a rear-naked choke finish. His trademark backflip celebration off the top rope capped off an incredible night of MMA and Muay Thai at M2MMA 2


Michael Baranov, the 21-year-old Russian, has no doubt firmly established himself as the young rising star of the promotion. A vicious trademark knee to the body finish Anthony Moreau in round one at the first event was backed up by another impressive display to seal a unanimous decision over fellow hot prospect Akhmed Ashurbekov. His razor-sharp striking techniques and the ability to give himself so much time in the exchanges suggest he is more comfortable with the stage and can already read a fight far beyond his years. We will undoubtedly see plenty more of this young man in the future, and there appears to be no ceiling to what he can achieve in the sport. The question is, who’s next? Baranov is a daunting prospect for anyone brave enough to take on the challenge!

Timur Gilimzyanov - The unlikely star. At 31 years of age and holding a record of 5-4, Timur entered the ring at M2MMA 1 to fight South African hotshot Shannon Van Tonder, knowing a loss would likely end his career. However, the unassuming Russian performed spectacularly, dominating every facet of the fight to finish Van Tonder via TKO. His coaches had spoken quietly during the build-up of Timur's talent, but perhaps the mismanagement of his early career in Russia led to his unremarkable record. Could they be right? M2MMA 2 set the stage for Timur in the co-main event against Bangtao star prospect A’Keitheon Whitner. However, when Whitner turned over 2kgs overweight and could not find a way to cut to within an acceptable range, Timur was offered a Muay Thai fight on short notice against Tiger Muay Thai tryouts winner Husenjon Isomiddinov. Timur, of course, accepted without hesitation and stepped up to put on one hell of a show for the fans in attendance, displaying a wide range of striking techniques, including some beautiful spinning moves on his way to another TKO finish. Timur's exciting style and well-rounded fighting skills have earned him not only two early finishes but also the respect and love of fans as he has become a household name for M2MMA. With the Featherweight division now heavily weighted on the island of Phuket, Timur’s next fight could be a defining moment for him. If he continues the form he has shown so far, perhaps he will be on the brink of fulfilling that talent his coaches speak of!


Rematch on the cards? While most would argue a draw was an acceptable result, there was murmuring that Kocheise should have snuck the decision. Given the vast disparity in experience, with Elysee carrying a record of 8-6 into this fight against former WBC champ Victor Hugo with already 50 wins alone to his name, it would have marked a dramatic upset from the man from Germany. Some in the crowd even questioned the validity of this fight, given the uneven records. Still, when Tiger Muay Thai Athlete manager Jonny Betts put forward Kocheise as a potential opponent for Victor immediately after M2MMA1, matchmakers Chris Cannon and Jade Sirisompan knew Jonny believed in his man, and the fight was made. What a fight it was too! Fight of the night, without a doubt, had the fans on the edge of their seats and the atmosphere at boiling point between the rival gyms Tiger Muay Thai and Phuket Fight Club, but still the question lingers…..Who was the better man? Maybe we will get the opportunity to put this question to the test once again in the not-too-distant future…


When A’Keitheon Whitner arrived over 2kgs overweight, Timur’s coach, Sammy Cassidy, knew he would have a decision to make. Sammy knew Timur wanted and needed the fight, but he also knew the potential danger of his man entering the ring with an opponent considerably overweight. Sammy first generously offered the sauna facilities at his gym, Southside MMA to A’Keitheon to give him the best opportunity to cut his weight further to a stated acceptable range to fight Timur. After another 2 hrs, Whitner failed to reach his weight by 100 g, and Sammy refused to let the fight occur. However, as a way to make sure his man still got paid, he offered Whitner and his coach Frank Hickman the potential of a Muay Thai fight instead, as a last-minute change of opponent for an MMA fight would be a massive risk to Timur at a crucial moment in his career. Hickman, after a period of deliberation, declined this offer due to safety grounds, knowing now his man was severely compromised after the attempted last-minute weight cut. 2 hours later, a replacement opponent was found for a Muay Thai fight for Timur. He went on to score another impressive victory the next night. What impressed me from both coaches was their handling of this challenging situation and how they prioritized their fighter's welfare and were disciplined in doing so. They both showed a duty of care to their men in both the short and long term for their careers, and it is no surprise that Sammy Cassidy and Frank Hickam are two highly respected coaches in the world of MMA.


"I am proud to have started these events in Thailand, providing talented athletes a new and exciting platform to showcase their skills. The world of combat sports is only growing, and I see a great future for M2MMA." - Ms. Jade Sirisompan, Managing Director of M2MMA Asia.

Jeff Robinson, Chairman and CEO of M2MMA, added: “The success of M2MMA is a testament to the dedication and passion of our fighters, coaches, and fans. Our vision is to create a platform that showcases elite martial arts talent and emphasizes safety and innovation through advanced AI technology. I am thrilled to see our events grow, bringing thrilling action and fostering new stars in the combat sports world. We are committed to providing an unparalleled experience for our athletes and audiences, setting new standards in the industry." 

Following just two events, M2MMA has established a solid reputation in the Asian combat sports world, with anticipation already building for the next event.

Watch the full fight event here: M2MMA REPLAY